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The Design Studio

Scarlett Design prides itself on maintaining a superior level of quality and producing original but timeless designs. Rob works very closely with all of his clients, from the inception of a design through to its full realisation.

  • Research

It is important that before you set pen to paper, you identify the direction in which you wish the designs to go. Scarlett Design offers a trend prediction and research service tailored to identify the type of product to suit your company’s needs.

  • Hand sketching and rendering

The lifeblood of Scarlett Design is its idea generation. Hand sketching is a fast and efficient way of developing ideas and details. In addition, colouration brings the sketches to life and enables the client to visualise the end product.

  • Computer Visualisation

Proportion is 9/10ths of design law. Using advanced computer modelling techniques Scarlett Design can produce accurate 3D visualisations that are very useful representations of the final product.

  • Working drawings

In order to make your product a reality the manufacturer must understand your designs.  With extensive experience liaising with factories across Europe and the Far East, Scarlett Design can produce full specification technical drawings that will ensure the efficient processing of your product.

  • Presentation

Showing to potential buyers? It is important that your presentation is professional. Scarlett Design can produce high quality branded presentations that will make your company stand out from the competition.

  • Development

Good quality designs don’t just spring into being, they evolve. Managing the critical path between client expectations and manufacturing reality is an area where Scarlett Design excels.

  • Quality Control

Your product needs to be made correctly. First time. Every time. Scarlett Design, in collaboration with Quality Solutions Ltd will ensure high quality products and very low return rates.



Scarlett Design was established in early 2010 by British designer Rob Scarlett, who began his career when he was named the 2003 Young Designer of the Year, for an innovative piece of cabinetry which was ”beautiful, functional and showed strong commercial promise”.

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